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By Impactful | 07 Aug, 2023
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Are you using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and all of Microsoft 365 (what we used to refer to as MS Office) in isolation?

The sentence above carries more weight than you might think. I have been an Office user since Office 97. Throughout the years I have spent time using, teaching and writing about the use of MS Excel and MS Access specifically.

But, as we know, the world changes and often we find ourselves outpaced by the advances in technology. In a brilliant piece of work, Thomas Friedman provides us with some insight into why the world feels so overwhelming nowadays. Put up your hand if you are feeling overwhelmed right now. I am typing with one hand right now as my other hand is up😊. 

The diagram below shows that the pace of change – technological (driven by Moore’s law), social-political and environmental – is outpacing that of human adaptability to change. The bad and sad news is that often we are not coping.  The worst news is that those of us that fall behind do so at an accelerated rate.

Impactful rate of exchange diagram

To add to all of the stress of an ever-changing world, we read articles that an estimated 50% of current jobs will be taken over by Artificial Intelligence by 2025. What is happening?

Can we please stop and just give me time to catch up?! Sitting here, 57 years old, and writing this article at 5:30 in the morning, I am pondering my own ability to adapt.

What must I do to keep my job or rather prepare for a different job. People talk about relevancy – this is important for me and you as it implies that we have to get into the mindset of continuous learning, continually growing my career.

Just consider Microsoft 365 (Office) for a moment.  This is no longer just about being able to create a report in Microsoft Excel, then saving it on a shared drive and emailing it to someone else. It is now about your ability to quickly understand a problem, unpack that in a logical format, then make a choice between Power BI and Excel, and save it to a place where people can add comments. Do not forget to use @ when you mention someone and link this to PowerPoint and go to a meeting where you will drill down into the data and do proper storytelling.

Or connect with a group of your peers, decide what you are going to present – and did I say that the meeting is virtual ☹ – build ideas freely and naturally in conversation with your team.

I believe that everyone can learn anything if you start with two crucial components. Firstly, show me what is possible and, secondly, allow me to learn, even if my rate of learning is slower than yours. In my 30 years in the learning and development space, I have realised that the spark is often the word “WOW!” Can I do that? Again, a loaded question would be – will I be able to do that?

I want to invite you to join us on a journey of growth – a journey where we at LRMG will be walking alongside you to ensure that your staff can cope with the rate of change. Let us guide you through a model of learning in this ever-changing world – a model that stretches far beyond just where to click to create a new email, or if you are more skilled, where to click to create a Pivot Table. A model that will see your staff as individuals with heart, mind and soul.

After all, at LRMG we believe in creating a culture that makes people feel ‘I belong here.’ It focuses on three pillars – ‘I can grow here’, ‘I can perform here’ and ‘I can collaborate for impact here’.

Are you ready to start this journey with us?
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Pieter Nel

Pieter Nel

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