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Impact for us is a synonym for change and progress. But it begins at a fundamental level – helping individuals feel like they belong. It’s at the heart of our High Performance Golden Circle, around which we help businesses create performance, growth and the ability to collaborate to move things forward.

Impactful IT Skills Development - Creating-Progress Creates Impact

At Impactful, we bring these elements together to deliver on the belief in the brilliance of people and the capability of technology. Compelled to make a difference and alleviate worryingly high unemployment, we work closely with our clients to build the right skills, enable the right digital transformation, and empower young talent and growing businesses to perform at the speed of progress.

By doing this, we believe we can create the greatest impact and move things forward.

Founded in 1996 and through various acquisitions, we bring with us a wealth of experience in the world of Digital Transformation Solutions and Professional Skills Development. Previously known as Altron People Solutions, Impactful has evolved to become a genuine business partner, bridging the gap between people and technology, enabling adoption and empowerment through future-fit skills in a virtuous circle with impact for people and business in the centre.

Our goal of guiding organisations through their digital journey has never changed, nor has our collective ethos of empowering people and delivering progress.

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We develop your people so that they can help you create the future growth strategy by bridging the gap between growing industry requirements and in-demand IT skills development.

the narrative

We believe that there is a different way of looking at the system and that there is always a possibility for a different present and future.

Create a digital
talent pipeline

We impart the in-demand IT skills needed to deliver ideal candidates with sought-after skillsets to address talent shortages within your organisation and the industries you serve.

Inspire the individual and empower the enterprise

We ignite a need for growth on both an individual and industry level.

Create a space for unrestricted exploration

The need for growth is instinctual. Impactful gives you a platform for growth and success.

Impactful IT Skills Development - Power of LRMG
Impactful IT Skills Development - Power of LRMG


Impactful Specialist Solutions is wholly owned by LRMG (Pty) Ltd. LRMG is a 51.6% black-owned company and 60% of our people are women.

Impactful has a certified AA+ rating and is a Level 3 Contributor to B-BBEE as per the South African DTI’s gazetted Codes of Good Practice. 

We provide both accredited and customised learning programmes to organisations looking to maximise their investment in developing their talent. 

The certificate was issued 31 August 2023 and is valid until 30 August 2024.

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