Capability Academies and/or more?

By Impactful | 12 Sep, 2023
Capability Academies and/or more? - Mobile

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In an article by Lewis Taylor, he elaborates on the threat posed by not having the right skills on board to ensure that customers’ needs are met. He highlights the following:

"By 2025, 90% of enterprises will be affected by IT skills shortages, costing approximately $6.5 trillion globally."

I have spent the past few months researching IT Capability Academies. The LRMG IT Talent Management team has created several Capability Academies in line with future IT Skills, including Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, Robotics Process Automation, Data Science, and Cloud, to name but a few. These Capability Academies were created based on both technical and behavioral skills of the future.

I do, however, want to pause and pose a few other important questions.

We all go shopping from time to time, and then we would typically ask ourselves: What do I have to buy, and how many of these items do I need? One is generally very annoyed when you come home and realize that you are one item short.

Building skills is the same. Do you know how many of what you need? A crucial part of this question is: Have you quantified what you think you have?

Within the LRMG IT Talent DigitalCampus IT team, we can help you answer some of these crucial questions. Yes, we can provide you with the vehicle, Capability Academies, to build your talent pool, but we can also assist you with more. IT Staffing Diagnostics and Benchmarks will allow you to clarify the skills that you actually have versus the skills that you actually need. This will ultimately help you to limit the threat of not having the required skills. 

Furthermore, we can assist you through role definition, competency frameworks, job descriptions and grading, as well as rewards benchmarking to ensure that you can keep the right skills. We can, through industry-aligned technical IT skills assessments and proficiency reviews, measure the depth of your skills. 

With all this information that we’ve gathered, we can ensure that Capability Academies are in line with the desired outcome of having enough of the right skills at the right time. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting a number of articles to expand on the areas mentioned in this post. 

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Pieter Nel

Pieter Nel

Executive Head: LRMG IT Talent

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