Inclusion. Acceptance. Empowerment.

Join our passionate family, united in our mission to uplift our communities, our people and our nation

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We believe in having an impact on the professional, social and societal upliftment of people – that goes for both our clients and every member of our Impactful family. We want you to be able to make you mark within the organisation as well as within the skills development and IT industries.

As a company built on the expertise of industry market leaders, education specialists and people development enthusiasts, we believe in a collective ethos of people empowerment and promise to invest in your growth and in helping each member of the Impactful family reach their full potential.

When you join Impactful, you join a family of likeminded individuals with the sole purpose of bettering our communities, our people and, ultimately, our country.

Learning, to the power of LRMG

Impactful IT Skills Development - Power of LRMG
Impactful is part of LRMG, the continent’s leader in growth and development. For over 25 years, LRMG has innovated digital learning and transformation in collaboration with the continent’s leading tertiary institutions and course curricula.
Impactful IT Skills Development - Power of LRMG

As part of LRMG, all our tribe members gather under three strategic baobab trees in service of our Dream 2026 and beyond. We develop our people to perform at their highest point of contribution and grow our tribe with energised and inspired people that believe in inclusivity and want their voice to be heard.​

Our Three Baobabs

The baobab is often referred to as “The Tree of Life” because of its ability to survive and thrive in difficult landscapes. We have THREE BAOBABS that are pillars on our journey to making progress towards Dream 2026.

Three Baobabs - 10x Financial Outperformance Icon

10x Financial Outperformance

Superior results defined by superior return on capital.

Three Baobabs - Distinctive Impact Icon

Distinctive Impact

On our people, our clients, the African continent, the world and the way people grow.

Three Baobabs - Lasting Legacy

Lasting Legacy

Every tribe member is part of building a company that has great relevance now, tomorrow and in years to come.

Our values that guide our behaviour





We obsess about ensuring consistent excellence across solution delivery and internal and external client engagements to build inspiring and lasting brand equity.





We adopt a disciplined mindset and high-performance habits in all that we do of RRSP: Repeatability, Referenceability, Scalability, Profitability to protect our economic engine and achieve financial freedom.





We are conscious of the power that is unleashed when we show up in unity. We recognise our individual strengths and value each other’s contributions as we collaborate to inspire.

Humility and Will



and Will

Personal humility, with a willingness to learn from others and appreciate their value, is an asset for self-improvement. We combine this with a fierce will to advance the cause of our organisation.





We rise by lifting others with mindful acts of kindness and treat each other with love, respect, compassion and empathy.





We nurture for trust by showing up with credibility as authentic, trusted advisors who keep our promises, listen and ask good questions, and connect with warmth and vulnerability.